IAOPA Europe Enews Archive

Welcome to the IAOPA Europe Enews which covers everything of interest to GA Pilots flying in Europe. The monthly enews goes out to more than 23.000 pilots in Europe every month. Below you will find the headlines of the latest editions and to the right you can find the complete archive.

IAOPA Europe enews, December 2013

IAOPA Europe enews, November 2013

IAOPA Europe enews, October 2013

  • International AOPA Europe meets in Heidelberg
  • Can the SSCC resolve GA’s difficulties?
  • Political lobbying goes on
  • Dangerous goods – GA wins an exemption
  • New man in the hot seat
  • ICAO Study Group for GA
  • Stopping ‘accelerate-stop’
  • Flying with diabetes – all is not lost
  • Local difficulties
  • Jepp’s Mobile Flitedeck VFR
  • Stop press: filing GAR forms in the UK
  • Online decision-making survey for pilots
  • Strange but true general aviation news

IAOPA Europe enews, September 2013

  • New President for IAOPA
  • Aircraft noise success for AOPA Italy
  • UK CAA moves forward on GPS approaches
  • AOPA Spain seeks answers on avgas, VAT and handling charges
  • New ‘RMZ’ concept tried in the UK
  • EASA FCL and OPS SMS proceeds in Finland
  • AOPA Romania Aircrew Card
  • Visit Athens Flying Week
  • Is social media and 24-hour news affecting accident investigations?

IAOPA-Europe enews August 2013

IAOPA-Europe enews July 2013

  • ‘Change is on the way’, Europe promises GA
  • What GA could do for Europe, if only…
  • When regulation works against safety
  • Towards a sustainable future?
  • The bureaucratic nightmare
  • GA – doing the business
  • Small and medium enterprises suffer
  • GA creates jobs, over-regulation destroys them
  • Is there hope?
  • IAOPA wins FAA support on Part 61 licences
  • AOPA active again in Belgium
  • AOPA and French Aero Clubs plan tour
  • AOPA Israel plays host to French aviators
  • Free legal cover for AOPA UK members
  • AOPA active in Romania
  • Come to AOPA Sweden’s annual Fly-in
  • How can we do a better job of learning from each other?

June IAOPA-Europe enews

  • Unique chance to explain GA to the European Parliament
  • IAOPA makes headway with EASA rulemakers
  • Denmark leads the way on aviation fees
  • Spain also makes significant airport fee reductions for GA
  • EASA headquarters move could soak up surplus on fees and charges
  • CO detectors proposal may be shelved
  • EASA opinion on new rules for the Instrument Rating
  • Season card pricing in Finland
  • Summer flying under the midnight sun
  • Charity support in the Channel Islands
  • On - Cessna's 182 JT-A Turbo Skylane takes to the skies

May IAOPA Europe enews

  • EC allays threat to cost-sharing
  • IAOPA at Aero Friedrichshafen
  • Transponder 24-month check rescinded
  • Dangerous goods – confusion and uncertainty
  • Sweden cuts tax on unleaded avgas
  • AOPA joins in concerted action on regulation
  • UK – we must save the IMC rating
  • EASA data trawl questioned
  • UK General Aviation Report can now be filed online

IAOPA Europe enews, April 2013

  • Patrick Ky to be EASA Executive Director
  • Reborn AOPA Belgium to grapple with Charleroi and Spa
  • AOPA Malta hosts IAOPA-Europe Regional Meeting
  • EASA IR regulation expected ‘soon’
  • ATOs for flight training – 'hold off for clarification'
  • How to make waves in Brussels
  • Confusion reigns over 'dangerous goods' laws
  • Where does Europe fit into world aviation?
  • ICAO’s bad language law exploited to pilots’ cost
  • Malta aviation, past and future
  • Ukraine backtracks on leaded avgas ban
  • Flying and learning with AOPA France

IAOPA Europe enews, March 2013

  • Search begins for new IAOPA President
  • GA strategy – rolling back the EASA burden
  • IAOPA seeks assurances on SES for GA
  • AOPA wins ground on seaplanes in Greece
  • But in Finland, GA staggers
  • Sign the petition to save Spa
  • Maastricht airspace changes
  • Elba offers AOPA members discounts
  • Ukraine fly-in on again this year
  • Get ready for the flying season with

IAOPA Europe enews,February 2013

IAOPA Europe enews, January 2013