Common Air-to-Air Channels for Europe established

Two channels have now been reserved for Air-to-Air use across Europe: 123.065 and 123.135. This page is dedicated to track and inform about the roll-out.

Do not use 123.45 as Air-to-Air Freqency
For decades, the frequency 123.45 MHz has been used by some General Aviation pilots for air-to-air communication, without this frequency ever being officially made available to the General Aviation. Since this frequency is now used for other purposes, GA pilots must not tune this frequency any longer. In close cooperation with Eurocontrol and the frequency managers of the European countries, AOPA has been able to reserve two channels which can be used by General Aviation pilots across Europe. The transition phase lasts until the end of 2028.

During this transition phase, each country can release one or both channels for GA use. The list below shows an overview of the current situation, based on the official releases or publications of the European civil aviation authorities.

We would like to thank all general aviation pilots for not using the frequency 123.45 MHz anymore.

Status on Common European Air to Air Frequencies
Here you can see which countries have so far released each of the two channels for Air-to-Air usage and since which date

State Channel 123.065 Channel 123.135