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How IAOPA is organized and how to become a member

IAOPA Europe is the formal cooperation framework for national AOPAs around Europe. As an individual person you become member of IAOPA Europe by joining your national AOPA. Please see the column to the right to find your national AOPA affilliate.

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If you wish to contact IAOPA Europe directly please use the contact form here or see below for more details.

IAOPA Headquarters
Address: 421 Aviation Way
Frederick, Maryland 21701
President: Mark Baker
Secretary General: Craig Spence
Phone: +1 (301) 695 22 20
Fax: +1 (301) 695 23 75


IAOPA Europe Organisation
Regional Vice-President: Dr. Michael Erb
Director Government and Technical Affairs Dr. Michael Erb

John van Asperen

Postal address:

IAOPA Europe Tresurer
c/o John van Asperen
P.O. Box 125
8200 AC Lelystad


Communication Officer: Jacob T. Pedersen
IAOPA European Communication Office

IAOPA Europe Communication Office
att: Jacob Pedersen
Sadelmagervej 30-32
DK-7100 Vejle

Phone: +45 75 85 74 00
Fax: +45 75 85 74 74


ICAO Representation
IAOPA Representative to ICAO Frank Hofmann
Address: c/o International Civil Aviation Organization
999 University Street
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
H3C 5H7
Frank Hofmann
4413 rue Graham
Pierrefonds, Quebec, Canada
H9H 2C1
Phone: ++1 (514) 696 45 72
Fax: ++1 (514) 696 35 42


EASA Representation
General Aviation Task Force Michael Erb, AOPA Germany
GA Sectorial Committee

Michael Erb, AOPA Germany

Jacob Pedersen, AOPA Denmark

ATM Sectorial Comittee

Jürgen Mies, AOPA Germany

Jean-Claude Reiss, AOPA Germany

Engineering & Maintenance Sectorial Commitee Niklas Larsson, AOPA Sweden
Flight Crew Licensing STeb/TeB Nick Wilcox, AOPA UK
Flight Crew Licensing Implementation Forum Nick Wilcox, AOPA UK
RMT.0271, "In-flight data recording for light aircraft" Karsten Sensen
  Karsten Sensen
Flight Crew Licensing STeb/TeB Nick Wilcox, AOPA UK
Flight Crew Licensing Implementation Forum Nick Wilcox, AOPA UK
RMT.0271, "In-flight data recording for light aircraft"  
RMT.0595, "Review of the theoretical knowledge requirements" Gerald Gollob
CS 23 Rewrite Hans-Peter Walluf
RMT.0271, "Non-commercial ops of AOC holders" Jacob T. Pedersen, AOPA Denmark
RMT.0677 'Easier access of GA pilots to IFR flying' Nick Wilcox, AOPA UK
RMT.0678 'Simpler, lighter and better Part-FCL requirements for general aviation' Nick Wilcox, AOPA UK
RMT.0679 Revision of Surveillance Performance and Interoperability Bob Darby


SESAR Representation
Executive Commitee: Michael Erb, AOPA Germany
Drone Integration Plan Philip Church
ATM Masterplan Roland Kaps


Eurocontrol Representation
PC/Airspace: Michael Erb, AOPA Germany


Single European Sky Representation
Industry Consultation Body (ICB): Michael Erb, AOPA Germany


EU Commisson and Parliament
Lobbyist Lütz Dommel


ICAO - European Office
Network Management Board Michael Erb, AOPA Germany
Language Proficiency Philippe Hauser, AOPA Switzerland


IAOPA Area Specialists
Maintenance & Airworthiness: Niklas Larson, AOPA Sweden
Business & Corporate Aviation: Jacob T. Pedersen, AOPA Denmark
Ultra Light Aviation: Jo Konrad, AOPA Germany
Medical Issues: Dr. Ian Perry, AOPA UK
Aviation Fuel Lars Hjelmberg, AOPA Sweden