Useful links for flying in Europe

Below you will find the links we find most useful for your daily flight operations in Europe:

Border crossing:

Since the partial reintroduction of border control between some Schengen countries we have identified some useful resources for you to check before you fly:

Weather related

Flight Planning and Flight Plan Filing

Apps for ipad or Android with good European support

  • SkyDemon (maps, weather & notams - free trial period)
  • Air Nav pro (worldwide aviation database, free base maps included, in-app purchase of ICAO maps)

Current EASA rules and regulations for GA

EASA has created "Easy Access" documents with consolidated texts divided per domain.

To access an online version please click here.

To access a version that you can download as a pdf click here.

Below are a few hard-links to some of the more important regulation for GA that we are often asked about. Please note that there might be newer ammendments to some of these rules so check the EASA website on the links given above. '


Basic Regulation:

Basic EASA regulation 216/1008 - this is the initial version. Note there are several later ammendments


OPS Rules

The detailed OPS rules are found in EU regulation 965/2012 and its ammendments. The initial version only contains the CAT rules.

The rules for GA, Part NCC (Non-Commercial Complex) and Part NCO (Non-Commercial OPS) are in EU regulation 800/2013 which is an ammendment to 965/2012

Rules with alleviations for cost-shared flights, introductury flights, competition flight, parachute flights etc are found in EU Regulation 379/2014 which is also ammending 965/2012


Flight Crew License and Medical Rules (Part FCL and Part MED)

The initial flight crew and medical rules are published in EU regulation 1178/2011

AMC to Part MED is found here


Standardized Rules of the Air (Part SERA)

Part SERA (Standardized European Rules of the Air) - can be found here

Much of the EASA regulation has to be pieced revision by revision if using the official sources. A consolidated version of most documents can be found as "Technical manuals" in the EU Book shop, where the PDFs are available free of charge,


Revisions and upcomming rules and regulations

ICAO EUR/NAT Documents