June 2010

Page 3: Contents
Page 4: Chaiman's message
Page 5-19:
  • EASA: 'The IMC rating is safe in our hands'
  • Under the volcano
  • Brussels lobbyist appointed
  • Will Ofcom see sense?
  • Safety risk of blame culture
  • Que sera?
  • Training from unlicensed aerodromes
  • Swifter, higher, stronger
  • 'My name is Mark, and I am an Infringer'
  • Airbox aware could save your skin
  • Think you've got problems?
Page 20-22:
  • Briefings
  • FAA seminars spell out N-reg requirements
Page 23-25: In the unlikely event

Page 26-29: Big boy's toy - Robin DR500

Page 30-34: Magic Mustang swallows the Atlantic
Page 35-37: A mountain rating in Spain
Page 38-39: Getting the lead out
Page 40-47: Vulcan test pilot

Page 48-50: Small is beautiful