August 2012

August 2012
Page 3: Contents
Page 4: Chairman's message
Page 5-14:
  • EASA: Nearing the breakthrough?
  • Chief Executive's Diary: New champion in Europe
  • Airfields: government backs GA
  • Don’t miss AOPA’s Duxford Bonus Day
  • Better regulation – but not in Europe
  • Hands across the ocean
  • New lobbyist in harness
  • ICAO revisits fire cover
  • Freedom for the prisoners of Beirut
  • EASA and twin turboprop safety
  • New CI register?
Page 15-17:
  • Briefings
  • New man at GASCo
  • Cheap Landings
  • Mistral moves and shakes
  • Xtreme discomfort
  • Geriatric jets head for the scrapheap
  • Battersea says come on down
  • French fly-in for Sue Virr
Page 18-19: ‘Going foreign’ made easy
Page 20-24: Drag, noise and smoke
Page 26-30: It’ll never get off the ground…

Page 31-33: SkyDemon VFR for the iPad
Page 34-41: It’s what your PPL is for!
Page 42-43: Starting them young in the ATC
Page 44-47: Instructors’ awayday
Page 48-50: Auster J5F Aiglet Trainer - One that nearly made it