Dec 09

December 09
Page 3: Contents
Page 4: Chairman's message
Page 5-19:
  • IMC: ‘Hung out to dry by our own side’
  • Chief executives diary
  • Roll up for the five-ring circus
  • The nations unite
  • Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose?
  • Licenses of the future take shape
  • Leave lower level airspace to states – EC
  • IMC rating: the fight has just begun
  • The saving of Sabadell
  • Making the rounds in Brussels
  • Plan properly to avoid infringements
  • FTO targeted in cash fraud
  • Lee on Solent welcomes you
  • Mandatory VFR flight plans? No thanks
  • Finding a free instructor
  • Pilot MEP gets his reward
  • Parliamo ICAO?
Page 20-25: The great gig in the sky
Page 26-29: Hello, sailor

Page 30-33: Who says we can’t fly?

Page 34-35: Doing the CRI
Page 36-37: Southend’s new lease of life
Page 38-40: Briefings
Page 42-43: Letters to the Editor
Page 44-45: Book reviews
Page 46-49: The monoplane Moth
Page 50: Muted NBAA 2009 survives another year