April 2012

Page 3: Contents
Page 4: Chairman's message
Page 5-13:
  • All change for the better
  • Chief executive's diary
  • Get a gold medal in Olympics planning
  • Don’t forget Farnborough!
  • Dysfunctional pilots
  • Solent crossings
  • CAA fiddles with the LAMP
  • Get your bonus day at Duxford
Page 14-20: 127th IAOPA Europe Regional Meeting: Europe comes to London
  • Why students drop out
  • CAA Chief Executive escapes with his life
  • How to do the job properly
  • SESAR and NexGen
  • EASA Ops: small concessions
  • Making more engineers
  • The achievable IR
  • Sorting out Part M
  • Sheehan era ends
Page 21-23: Members do their own thing
  • Where’s the money coming from?
  • LAMPs going out all over Europe
  • Housekeeping corner
  • Excessive landing fees
  • GARs coming to a head
  • Cologne Follies
Page 24-26: London Southend: Playing with the big boys
Page 27-29: Instuctor committee
  • Instructors and issues of moment
  • Instructors and the EIR
  • EASA and aerobatics
  • Cost-effective audits
  • Liaison between AOPA groups
  • Airprox misunderstandings
Page 30-34: One plane, two sets of rules
Page 36-39: Miles Aerovan: Van ordinaire
Page 40-41: Book Reviews
Page 42-44: Letters to the editor
Page 45-52: Where to fly guide and corporate member listing
Page 54-58: Going after Gann