Oct 09

Page 3: Contents
Page 4: Chairman's message
Page 5-20:
  • Less is more as EASA puts its house in order
  • Why the police needs GA's help
  • Chief executives diary
  • Development in EASA Part M
  • The IMC must not die of ignorance
  • EASA OPS - the holes in the plot
  • VORs on the way out
  • A change in the weather
  • Stansted TMZ now in force
  • Insuring the Mentoring Scheme
Page 21-23: Briefings
Page 24-30: Captain Concorde

Page 32-32: When the wind blows

Page 34-37: Henry's funeral and Murphy's Law
Page 38-41: Harvard - Simply the best
Page 42-43: A new way to sustainable aviation fuel
Page 45-50: A one percent chance of survival...