June 2011

June 2011
Page 3: Contents
Page 4: Chairman's message
Page 5-16:
  • French study ‘sensible IR’ option
  • Jobs hinge on Olympic relief
  • GA White Paper withering on the vine?
  • Do you know what your passengers are carrying?
  • Government stonewalls on GA’s pressing issues
  • Government stonewalls on GA’s pressing issues
  • How can GA’s decline be reversed?
  • EASA comes calling
  • Check out SkyDemon’s free online flight planner
Page 17: A little piece of flying heaven
Page 18-23: A winter’s tale
Page 24-25: Lee on Solent is open – come and visit!
Page 26-28: Stampe SV4 - Better than a Moth?
Page 29-31:
  • Briefings
  • Do you know what you are signing?
  • Two new airfield closures
Page 32-34: CAA meets GA on its home turf
Page 35-44:
  • Briefings
  • Europe pulls together for GA
  • Why regulation costs are rocketing
  • SESAR: the future is now
  • N-reg damage ‘greater than EASA thought’
  • Rethink needed on Part M
  • EASA Ops deadline looms
  • Free JeppView trial for AOPA members
  • Sense and avoid
  • Pax tax on Austrian GA
Page 46-50: Shoestring Safari