February 2012

Page 3: Contents
Page 4: Chairman's message
Page 5-15:
  • Aviation unites to attack EASA fees
  • Strasser: 207 down, five to go
  • Chief executive’s diary
  • Whither the IMC rating?
  • Regional airlines back GA
  • Buying a plane? Caveat emptor
  • CAA quietly changes IR rules
  • AOPA and aerodromes today
  • New risk to flight in Italy
  • TopNav and rally flying workshop
  • Helping Lebanon get on its feet
Page 16-18: The NPPL and the LAPL
Page 19-21: Members Working Group
  • The En Route Instrument Rating
  • Airport charges – can we act?
  • Simplifying the GAR
Page 22-25: Being Biggles
Page 26-28: Briefings
Page 30-33: Screen test
Page 34-37: Your name on the Schneider Trophy?
Page 38-39: Burning fashion issues
Page 40-42:Could have been a contender…