December 2010

Page 3: Contents
Page 4: Chaiman's message
Page 5-17:
  • Time to get your IMC rating now
  • Why the IMC rating must be saved
  • Chief executive's diary
  • What the IMC rating course entails
  • AOPA wins breathing space on N-reg
  • EASA - the hope, the reality
  • It flies! Swansea students win AOPA award
  • Infringement packs
  • Who deserves recognition?
  • Ash award for Kelleher
  • Filton joins Strasser scheme
  • Denmark abolishes its CAA
  • Mustang sim at Shoreham
Page 18-22:
  • How the EcoFlyer adds muscle
Page 23:
  • Sandown airfield alive and kicking

Page 24-25:
  • AOPA Bonus day takes wings

Page 26-31: Gnational treasures
Page 32-33: First UK MPL holders reach the flight deck
Page 34-38: IAOPA Regional Meeting in Amsterdam
  • EASA's funny old world
  • Unleaded AVGAS spreads
  • Green light for unleaded from EASA
  • Who's got the frequencies
  • Lebanon bound

Page 39: Letters to the Editor

Page 40-43:Robinson R66 certificated
Page 44-46: The Cessna that almost never was