Apr 07

Page 3: Contents
Page 5: Chairman's message
Page 5-13: AOPA working for you
  • Higher AVGAS taxes on order from EU
  • Chieg executive's diary
  • Europe gets serious on GA
  • Members push AOPA mentoring scheme
  • EASA takes on JAR-FCL
  • Mode S: Don't panic - there is time
  • ADS-B - The way of the future?
  • 8,33 kHz above FL195
Page 14-16: Gold-plating the Ford Fiesta
  • Read about the cost difference between operating the same aircraft as a conventional and a microlight aircraft
Page 18-19: Play the CAA's Fantasy Fees game

Page 20-21: AOPA awards 2007

Page 22-25: Airspeed Oxford
  • Flying the 'Oxbox' twin trainer
Page 26-29: Life is a Beech
  • Flying the Beech 18
Page 30-31: Through a glass darkly
  • Eye tests and lenses for aviation use
Page 32-33: Aerodromes for general aviation
  • Preserving GA aerodromes
Page 34: Letters to the editor?

Page 35-36: Al ain aeros offer a winter break
  • The Al ain air show in the United Arab Emirates
  • The Kestrel - made in Britain?
Page 37-46: Where to fly guide and corporate member listing

Page 47 : Classified

Page 48-50 : Orbituaries