August 2010

August 2010
Page 3: Contents
Page 4: Chaiman's message
Page 5-14:
  • IAOPA World Assembly backs IMC rating
  • Strasser wins CAA safety award
  • Chief executive's diary
  • Legal firm opens doors for IAOPA
  • State objection to kill PPL instructor plan?
  • Come to Duxford with AOPA on September 18'th
  • Calling all aircraft and aircraft group owners
  • EGNOS to come on stream
  • Mentoring scheme is GO!
  • They've got your number - have you got theirs?
  • Aerodrome actions
  • What are you doing out there?
Page 15-17:
  • The ferry pilot's nightmare
Page 18-20: Corporate member profile: Soloflight

Page 21: Battersea gets a makeover

Page 22-25: Med, Dead and Red seas in one day
Page 26-30: Extra Special - aerobatics
Page 31: Briefings
Page 32-43: IAOPA World Assembly

Page 44: Book reviews
Page 45: Classifieds
Page 46-50: Age shall not weary them...