April 2011

Page 3: Contents
Page 4: Chaiman's message
Page 5-21:
  • Olympic airspace overkill
  • Chief executive's diary
  • Hands across the ocean
  • EASA: "We support the IMC rating..."
  • How to really screw things up
  • How long does a seat belt last?
  • Paying again for nothing
  • EASA fees 'hit safety'
  • The AOPA maintenance Working Group
  • UK points the way on fire cover
  • GA in green line of fire
  • Not Sugaring the pill
  • AOPA ensures SESAER does not neglect GA
  • Swedish maintenace
  • Costs survey shows up Denmark
  • You're a pilot? Cool!
Page 23-27: Attitude Issues
Page 28-29: First Robinson R66 in the UK
Page 30-35: Twin safety on single money
Page 36-41: Atlantic ferry, 40 years ago
Page 42-44: Briefings
Page 45: Bill Ison: a man who anted the best for us
Page 46: Letters to the editor