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IAOPA World Assembly 2024 in Washington

From May 7 to 10, another IAOPA World Assembly will take place in Washington. The last WA was back in 2018 in New Zealand. Mark Baker, president of AOPA-USA and IAOPA, will say goodbye to his colleagues after 10 years. He will retire well-deservedly as soon as his successor is appointed. Baker reports staying on until that process is complete.

'Mark Baker is a world-class aviator with a passion for aviation that is second to none,' NBAA President Ed Bolen said. 'It's no surprise that he and the AOPA board are taking the time and appropriate steps to ensure that the current standard of excellence continues for many years to come.' Pete Bunce, president of the General Aviation Manufacturers' Association, called Baker a "staunch supporter of general aviation and a great friend - I look forward to flying with him more in the future.

The World Assembly agenda includes important issues relevant to general aviation worldwide: Future fuel supply, ICAO and national and regional regulations, dealing with drones and much more. Senior authorities and industry representatives have been invited to attend, guaranteeing an informative and engaging dialogue.



Thirty years of AERO Friedrichshafen

Under the theme of sustainability | the future of aviation 

From April 17 - 20, 2024, the annual aviation trade fair AERO Friedrichshafen will take place again. Without a doubt the largest aviation trade fair in Europe where all GA participants (aircraft manufacturers and organizations related to GA) will be present. This year AERO is taking place for the 30th time. This anniversary edition of the AERO is dedicated to the future of aviation. Sustainable aviation fuels, new propulsion systems, new energy sources and new aerodynamic concepts represent innovations that will lead aviation into the future. 
During the anniversary show on Saturday (April 20, 2024), electric-powered aircraft will also take to the skies.
'We are experiencing more exciting innovations in aviation right now than we have seen in years: electric flight, hydrogen and fuel cell flight, sustainably produced fuels, new aerodynamic concepts and major advances in lightweight designs show that aviation is facing the challenges and has solutions ready that will lead to a sustainable future. We are proud to have supported this process for years with the e-Flight Expo and actively accompany it with new formats such as the AERO Hydrogen & Battery Summit," says Tobias Bretzel. He is responsible director for the exhibition. 
The importance of sustainable aviation is underlined by leading global manufacturers who will present their innovations for the future to the public at the fair. These include companies such as Safran Electrical & Power, VoltAero, Zuri, BRM, H55, Electra Solar, Aura Aero, Kas-Aero and the German Aerospace Center (DLR), one of the world's leading aerospace research institutes.
With the AERO Sustainable Aviation Trail, trade show organizers are deploying green balloons at booths to draw attention to exhibitors who are particularly committed to the topic of sustainable aviation. This year there are more stations on the AERO Sustainable Aviation Trail than ever before.
The AERO Hydrogen & Battery Summit is taking place for the second time as part of AERO. After the first event attracted much international attention, this year's professional conference is being expanded to include the important topic of battery technology. The conference is on April 16 in the afternoon.
Virtual reality (VR) in training 
Sustainability in aviation is not limited to flight operations and aircraft. Manufacturers have already developed products that enable low-emission training for pilots and technicians by using virtual reality (VR) to replace real flights and dangerous and challenging situations. Apps and flight planning software enable flying climate-optimized routes that take advantage of the wind and even prevent the formation of contrails in commercial aviation.
A one-hour air show on Saturday (April 20, 2024) will also feature electric-powered aircraft. 
At the AERO, the fair organizers are also offering a look back with the anniversary exhibition "30th AERO," in which photos and documents show the long and successful history of the fair in Friedrichshafen.
The photos accompanying the article were taken last year

European Parliament endorses vision for electric aviation

On January 16, at its plenary session in Strasbourg, the European Parliament adopted an initiative report by Swede Erik Bergkvist on Electric aviation - a solution for short- and medium-haul flights. This report highlights the important policy and legislative measures needed to accelerate the development of electric aviation in Europe. It also provides a vision of how aviation can remain an effective and efficient form of transport as it evolves in the coming decades.

The future of Avgas 100LL in Europe
European GA associations comment on application to the ECHA for the temporary continued use of TEL

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) wants to further restrict the use of Tetra Ethyl Lead (TEL) as it is a very toxic substance. TEL is an important additive in Avgas 100LL, and so far it has not been easy for the mineral oil industry to replace this substance 1:1 with a lead-free alternative. The ECHA has launched a so-called authorization procedure with two important dates: Companies will only be authorized to continue blending TEL into fuel in Europe after an application has been approved if they have submitted an application by the deadline of 1 November 2023, otherwise the expiry date is 1 May 2025.
The blending of TEL into avgas could actually be banned in Europe if no application from the industry is approved.

What's new: Shell has submitted an application to the ECHA for the continued use of TEL. This application was supported by the GA associations Europe Air Sports, GAMA and IAOPA-Europe with a joint statement. Shortly before our editorial deadline, the ECHA also posted an application online from the mineral oil company Trafigura, which produces avgas in Estonia via its subsidiary Puma Energies. Following a review, the GA associations will also comment on this application; the comment period ends in April. We also assume that the company Warter in Poland has submitted a similar application, but this has not yet been published. A decision on the applications is to be made by the ECHA by spring 2024.

There have been initial successes in the USA, e.g. the manufacturer GAMI has developed an Avgas 100 UL (UL = Unleaded), which is not yet on the market. However, a market launch is planned soon, initially in California. GAMI has not yet applied to EASA for approval of its STC. Other manufacturers are still in the process of obtaining approval from the FAA. In the USA, the industry and bureaucracy consider the widespread introduction of lead-free Avgas 100 UL by 2030 to be realistic.
European companies are not planning to develop an Avgas 100UL, but are focusing on the larger US market. For as long as in the USA, Europe will therefore also have to rely on the blending of TEL if an undisturbed transition to a lead-free successor fuel is to take place.


Electra hybrid-electric order book well filled

Aircraft manufacturer Electra has a very well-filled order book due to recent (pre-)orders. More than 2,000 hybrid-electric aircraft from Electra have been ordered with a market value of the equivalent of 7.4 billion euros. The aircraft is an eSTOL; it can take off and land from spaces the size of a soccer field. Most recent pre-orders have come from India's JetSetGo Aviation Services, Finland's LYGG and New York-based helicopter tour operator Charm Aviation. The aircraft can carry both cargo and passengers within urban and regional networks. The cruising speed is 175 knots and battery charging is done in flight. Up to nine passengers or 2,500 pounds of cargo can be carried over a distance of 500 miles.

IAOPA makes deal with SIXT Car Rental

IAOPA has made arrangements with SIXT Car Rental that will allow members to rent cars easily and at a significant discount from now on. Especially attractive is the IAOPA-rental package including: Third party insurance, loss damage waiver for collision damages, scratches, bumps and theft – no deductible, unlimited kilometers in short-term rentals up to 27 days, free rebooking and cancellation up to 24 hours before rental and free additional driver. The benefits also apply to truck rentals, and are basically valid worldwide.  As an AOPA member, you will benefit from attractive fixed SIXT rental rates for cars in selected countries. 
SIXT offers all kinds of benefits. Too many to list here. So check out their website and/or contact the folks at SIXT at: aopa@SIXT.com.

SIXT rent: Attractive fixed prices for DE, FR, ES, AT, CH, BE, NL, LU, HR, DK, FI, GR, HU, IE, IL, IT, NO, PL, PT, SE, TR, UK, for all other countries and trucks you will receive 10% off the current online price

SIXT+: The flexible alternative to leasing or buying in an all-inclusive car plan for businesses. Immediately available. Everything included except fuel. From a term of one month with subsequent monthly termination option. As an innovative and flexible leasing alternative or as a motivation boost for your employees. .

With SIXT+ Unlimited you can travel carefree in 10 European countries for a fixed price without additional costs. Your international car subscription accompanies you wherever you go - whether on vacation or on business, there will always be a vehicle waiting for you at your destination. Available in: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Great Britain, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

You can book with AOPA's special terms via SIXT.com/aopaThe fixed discount and benefit package is automatically applied.

The Netherlands go for 600 KG MTOM for Microlight Aircraft                                       

The Dutch minister for transport will sign the Opt-Out for Microlight Aircraft in the next day’s. After which it will be allowed to register Microlight Aircraft up to 600 kg MTOM (for seaplane Microlights 650 kg MTOM) in the National Civil Aircraft Register.
After ratifying the new Basic Regulations (EU. 2018/1139) it became possible to Nationally Register Microlight aircraft with a higher MTOM than the previously allowed 450 kg (with TRPS-Total Recovery Parachute System) 472,5 kg.

AOPA Netherlands has been discussing this issue with our ministry of transport since 2018 and we have been able to change our National legislation and make it suitable for this change in MTOM.
The main arguments were that most Microlights were flying with a higher weight than the allowed 450/472,5 kg MTOM. The students were told to obey the law but flying over the MTOM was not a problem. This needed rectification. Some of the Microlights were designed for a higher MTOM but others were not. There is a range of modern fast en well-equipped, well designed Microlights on the market today that can outperform many old aircraft. We also expect that more young pilots will look at Microlight as these are modern and appealing to a group of young pilots. Fuel consumption is much lower, these aircraft do not need TEL holding fuel and the costs are lower as well. We also believe that we should encourage the development of electric flying and this change in legislation could be helpful in that respect.

New aircraft

We have now agreed that new registrations can be applied for if there is a CoA from either Germany or the Czech Republic. These aircraft also need a noise certificate showing that no more that 60 dB(A) is produced if weighing up to 450/472,5 kg with a gliding scale from 450/472,5 to 570 kg MTOM to 70 dB(A). No Microlight should produce more than 70 dB(A). This is also valid for seaplanes Microlights with a MTOM of 650 kg.

Excising Microlight Aircraft

The existing fleet can also be registered in the National Civil Aircraft Register if they can produce a valid document from the producer stating that for this specific production number a higher that the previously registered MTOM can be registered to the new MTOM with a maximum of 600 kg (for seaplanes Microlights 650kg). These aircraft need to produce a new noise certificate showing that the earlier mentioned max noise levels ore not exceeded. (60dB(A) to 70dB(A))

Good news for the Microlight owners in the Netherlands and good news for the new pilots who want to fly Microlight Aircraft in the Netherlands. Visiting aircraft are welcome without any major administrative handling.

For questions contact: gvmtaffairs@aopa.nl


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