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New IAOPA officers 2021-2024

Mark Baker, President of AOPA announced the results of the IAOPA Officer Elections, 2021-2024.

The following list of officers have been elected as Regional Vice Presidents:

Vice President Dr. Michael Erb, (Germany), European Region. Michael Erb was also elected as Senior Vice President of IAOPA. 
Vice President Christine Gervais, (COPA), North American Region
Vice President Zhang Zhengrong, (China), Asian Region
Vice President Chris Martinus, (South Africa), Africa/Middle East Region
Vice President Jaime Fabrega, (Panama), South American Region
Vice President Andrew Andersen, (Australia), Pacific Region

Jim Coon has been reappointed as Secretary General of IAOPA, Justine Harrison as Chief Counsel, and Erica Saccoia as Treasurer.
For more information: please visit the new and improved IAOPA website. AOPA plans to use the site to help all affiliates communicate stories and events.

AERO 2021 will take place as a summer edition, July 14 to 17

Due to Corona, the international aviation trade show will not be able to start as planned on April 21, 2021 at the Friedrichshafen exhibition center.
Following the cancellation of the date last year, the uncertainties surrounding the pandemic with the renewed lockdown extension are unfortunately causing AERO Friedrichshafen to be postponed. In order to create clear conditions for all customers and partners, the organisation has decided to hold the upcoming AERO as a Summer Edition from July 14 to 17, 2021 in Friedrichshafen.

All information about the AERO can be found at www.aero-expo.de.


In December 2020, EASA released 'NPA 2020-014', which proposed a number of amendments to the Aircrew Regulation, the objective of which is to address miscellaneous efficiency and proportionality issues in Annex I (Part-FCL) to Commission Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011 with regard to General Aviation.

As the IAOPA (Europe) FCL representative, Nick Wilcock reviewed the NPA and circulated proposed responses to all national AOPAs belonging to the IAOPA Googlegroups membership.  No adverse comments were received, so the formal IAOPA (Europe) responses have now been uploaded through the EASA Comment Response system.

Most of our comments were supportive, which is hardly surprising given that many were originally proposed by IAOPA (Europe) over the past few years!  These included the option of including Night Rating training during the PPL course.  However, this option has not been included for the LAPL course, so AOPA has objected to its non-inclusion, proposing suitable amendments to do so.  Acceptance of part-completed LAPL training towards the PPL is now proposed, which was something  IAOPA (Europe) raised over 7 years ago.

Proposals for electrically-powered aircraft have also been included; these are relatively straightforward and do not include new rating requirements.  However, we considered that the criteria to maintain privileges on such aircraft were excessive, so we have proposed a reduction in the requirements.

The NPA also proposes changes to the dual refresher flight training requirement for SEP Class Rating revalidation by experience and LAPL privilege extension.  These include less flexibility and mandate more stall recovery training than at present.  We do not support this as we consider the current requirements to be entirely sufficient, although some reminders of stall prevention should always be included.

Helicopter pilots might also be interested to learn that the NPA proposes the introduction of Type Rating revalidation for light helicopter types 'by experience' rather than by mandatory Proficiency Check.

The deadline for comment responses is 31 Mar 2021, after which the normal EASA regulatory amendment processes will apply before the Opinion is sent to the European Commission in Q4/2021.  Assuming that these are accepted, they should come into effect in Q4/2022. 

Brexit affecting flying to and from UK

Hopefully, at some point in 2021 we will again be able to travel safely and resume flights abroad. When you do there are some differences to be aware of now that the UK EU transition period has ended.

Foreign flights have to be made from/to Airfields/Strips that have a Certificate of Agreement (CoA) with UK Customs issued by the UK Border Force. Airfields/Strips that had received an inbound flight from outside the UK within the 12 months prior to June 2020 should have received a letter explaining this and given an interim blanket CoA valid to 30  June 2022, after which an individual CoA is required.

Once foreign travel is permitted again, be aware of any NOTAMS requiring additional notification due to COVID.
At the time of writing, UK Issued LAPL's are no longer recognised in EASA states and use is restricted to UK Airspace only. Also, pilots with a UK issued Part-FCL PPL but using a LAPL medical are similarly restricted.  
The duty on AVGAS was increased to £0.3820 per Litre from 1 January 2021.
Duty Free purchase have been extended to the EU. Note that on a private flight the allowance for goods other than alcohol or tobacco is £270.
On the day you travel, you’ll need your passport to both:

  • have at least 6 months left
  • be less than 10 years old (even if it has 6 months or more left)

Your unexpired European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) will be valid if you’re travelling to an EU country, but it is recommended that you also hold travel insurance to cover any limitations.

You should check if the EU Country you are travelling to/from has changed their entry/exit requirements for UK citizens, especially if you are travel ling for business purposes. 
Meat and dairy products may not be taken into the EU from the UK but you are allowed to bring these products from the EU into the UK.

UK maintenance shops are not allowed to perform repair or maintenance on EASA aircraft any longer.
So if you have to do a repair while in the UK, you need to identify which shop is still allowed to work under EASA-rules.

EASA published new Easy Access Rules

EASA has again published a number of new 'easy access rules' that make regulations more accessible.

In their effort to improve access to their regulatory material, EASA eRules project has been producing consolidated publications under the name of ’Easy Access Rules’ in PDF format. They are well-known among the stakeholders and belong to the most downloaded EASA documents.

EASA has started to make available these ’Easy Access Rules’ also as dynamic online publications.  The format of those publications is designed also for tablets and mobile phones and allows to filter through the content in order to get the view tailored to your needs.

Click here to see what Easy Access Rules are available as online publications.

AOPA Denmark launches new Safety Initiative for Private Airfields

Typical ½-way runway marker in Germany
- but not an international standard

Following a number of tragic accidents in recent years AOPA Denmark is now launching a new safety initiative with focus on mainly private airfields which are overrepresented in the accident statistics.

The initiative involves several different actions such as:

  • More widespread use of halfway runway markers at smaller airfields
  • Offering an  "AOPA safety review" to private airfields
  • Dissemmination of identified safety hazards both online and in relevant publications
  • NOTAM system for private airfields
  • Publications and safety seminars focusing on how to operate more safely at private airfields and using the new tools. For instance using the half-way markers with the 70/50 rule of thumb during take-off (check that at least 70% of required airspeed has been obtained when passing half-way marker)

Some of the identified challenges has been that there is no clearly defined international standard for ½-way markers and that the NOTAM system is currently only available for public aerodromes. These issues will be addressed with relevant authorities to find the best possible solutions.


European Plan for Aviation Safety (EPAS) by EASA published


EASA has just published its European Plan for Aviation Safety


A dedicated Chapter on General Aviation can be found in Volume II, Chapter 8, pages 102-114: https://www.easa.europa.eu/sites/default/files/dfu/epas_2021_2025_vol_two_final.pdf

We believe it addresses our safety issues very well, it also underlines the importance of safety promotion and a safety culture (instead of introducing stricter and stricter rules) and - last but not least - it confirms that EASA is still committed to the objectives of the General Aviation Roadmap. And it´s a  living document, we can comment on the EPAS annually.

New look for IAOPA website

The website of IAOPA, the umbrella body for all national AOPAs, has undergone a 'total makeover': see https://iaopa.aopa.org.

Among other things, the website gives access to IAOPA's 'policies and positions'. There you can also find the presentations that were shared during the World Assemblies of the last years. Very interesting.
All national AOPA’s are presented on the new IAOPA website. If your national AOPA is not on it yet, please inform your national AOPA board.

Call to Action for a fair and safe drone integration.  EASA adopted new rules for the drones/U-space

The EASA-member states have adopted in the so-called “EASA-Committee” the proposed regulations for the joint utilization of airspace by manned and unmanned aviation. But as this regulation does yet not cover any technical details or a concept of operations, it’s finally up to the national CAA’s to determine what to do with this situation.

IAOPA has been working hard to get certain changes be taken into account in the regulation. IAOPA called for continued access to airspace, no inflation of restricted areas – no quasi privatisation of airspace. The good thing is, that the European Commission as the master of this regulatory process has listened and taken text out of the regulation which would be critical for GA. The bad thing is, that we don´t know how all the technical issues will be resolved in the coming years.

Priority for people The European Commission as master of the regulatory process has taken on board the communication of IAOPA to ensure that manned-equipped planes would always have priority over drones. Commercial drone operators must bear the total cost of U-Space introduction Civil airspace is a public good.

The point is that now the ball lies at the national CAA’s. We have to watch carefully what will happen next in U-space. How many UAS will want to enter the airspace in the coming years? It can’t be that UAS will get priority over manned aircraft (read GA-planes) wherever they want to fly. We see already today here and there in Europe airspace being (temporarily) closed for manned aircraft without prior consultation to the aviation society, just because certain exercises with UAS get priority. This must not become the new normal.

Anyway, IAOPA is calling the affiliates to be attentive and monitor the measures taken by their national CAA’s in this field.

Aircraft Guaranty Corp in trouble

Members made us aware that problems exist with Aircraft Guaranty, a company based in Texas managing trusts in the USA that own also a high percentage of the N-reg aircraft flying in Europe.
We are informed that Aircraft Guaranty has because of criminal charges against its owner to request government permission for everything they do at this juncture.
These measures slow down activities like aircraft sales significantly. Customers should reach out to Aircraft Guaranty and document every interaction. If they do not get a timely response, AOPA-members can contact their national AOPA, which will coordinate with AOPA USA in order to help.

Members of AOPA Netherlands receive mouth mask


As we will unfortunately be condemned to wearing a mouth mask for a while longer, AOPA Netherlands thought it a nice idea to have mouth masks made with their logo on it. New members will get one, but also existing AOPA members received a 'design' mouth mask with AOPA logo and breathing valve with their crew card for 2021 at the end of January.

Single pieces can be purchased through the web store of AOPA NL for € 4.95 each (excluding shipping costs).

Please keep us informed about the aviation news in your country

If you have any news or things that you would like to share with pilots in other countries - for instance if you organize a Fly-in that might be of interest or if there is news about airports or new rules and regulations in your country that other pilots should know - please don't hesitate to send all your news to me, Gerrit Brand | Netherlands | email: newsletteriaopaeu@hotmail.com, telephone or whatsapp + 31 6 50831893.