IAOPA-Europe-Enews-February-2019 - Welcome to the IAOPA Europe enews which goes to 23,000 aircraft owners and pilots in 27 countries across the continent

IAOPA Europe has more than 15.000 members. Belarus and Belgium active again.

IAOPA Europe has 30 national affiliates with a total of 15,116 reported individual members. Belarus and Belgium became active again. This, combined with growing membership for existing affiliates, increased membership by 8%, a very positive trend. The region has been very busy, especially with the creation and implementation of new European-wide Aviation Regulations. IAOPA Europe operates a separate website that focuses on the challenges and initiatives underway within the region. 

Worldwide the situation is also a positive one. Five affiliates AOPA Monaco, AOPA Egypt, AOPA Chile, AOPA Kenya, and AOPA Botswana were reconstituted and returned to active status. Discussions are currently ongoing with AOPA Hungary to return to active status as well. IAOPA staff continued an active membership campaign through dialog and providing affiliation information and guidance to interested pilot groups throughout the world including Slovakia, Iran, Mongolia, Cuba, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Sri Lanka, and Uruguay.

IAOPA currently represents more than 400,000 members in 79 countries around the world.  We continue to gain strength from our increased involvement at ICAO and EASA working groups. By working together, we can expand the world’s public and government acceptance of general aviation as an essential part of the world’s transportation system.  IAOPA is the world’s largest aviation membership organization protecting the interests of general aviation locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

ICAO releases 'fitness to fly - a medical guide for pilots'

Fitness to Fly – A Medical Guide for Pilots is a preventive-medicine handbook that is easy-to-read, motivating and educational, with engaging content, graphics and charts to empower you to limit your health 

This guide was developed by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in collaboration with the International Federation of Airline Pilots' Associations (IFALPA) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA). It is focused on the health risks pilots face during their careers and the medical recommendations that help them mitigate those risks. risks and set your own goals and strategies to maintain fitness to fly and a balanced lifestyle. 

This handbook is intended to close the gap between pilots' medical requirements in order to fly and the preventive measures that can help them fulfil those requirements. While the focus of this book is the professional pilot, the recommendations contained in this guide are applicable to all pilots.
To find out more information visit the ICAO website




Online survey Flight Crew Licensing EASA | Please participate

EASA has launched an external evaluation of the Flight Crew Licensing regulation related to the initial and recurrent training, licence issuance, competence assessment by instructors and checking by examiners. The objective is to make an independent and evidence-based assessment of the rules. It shall determine whether the regulatory framework fits the purpose of modern aviation and its evolution, and it will deliver conclusions and recommendations for improvements including the implementation of performance-based regulation. 

An active contribution from the affected stakeholders is critical to the success of this large-scale evaluation. A questionnaire designed to elicit information on the impact of the rules, their implementation issues or inconsistencies is provided below. The answers will be aggregated and deidentified to ensure confidentiality

A workshop with the TeB/STeB Members and interested parties will be organised mid-2019 to present the result and discuss the recommendations.
IAOPA has promised it’s support and would like to invite you to participate to the online survey and to actively contribute to a successful outcome. 

The survey will close on 28 February 2019 and is available at the this link


Discounts for AOPA members at Greek International Airport of IOANNINA (LGIO) “King Pyrros” 

The Greek Airport of IOANNINA (LGIO), a state-owned facility, is steadily blooming while it remains a cost-efficient, international point of entry / exit of Greek territory.  Having a steady increase in passengers’ volume, modern navaids, AVGAS & Jet-A1 and an ever-expanding terminal and apron, it seems to become a reasonable choice for GA in Europe.

The Hotel Operators Association of IOANNINA province, together with AOPA HELLAS, made a list with all the businesses that from now on will offer discounts to the owners and crews of aircraft that will use the International Airport of IOANNINA (LGIO) “King Pyrros”.
The discounts are offered by a variety of businesses including hotels, restaurants, transportation, museums, spa / personal treatment, outdoor activities agencies in the perfect nature of the province, traditional dance workshops, art craft & jewellery, delicacies and other services. The IOANNINA business association is very happy with the effort of the biggest General Aviation association in Greece, AOPA Hellas.
Any Aircraft owner or crew that is member of any AOPA affiliate can now enjoy the benefits of this synergy. AOPA Hellas is welcoming aircraft to visit Greece via IOANNINA and to use the facilities of the airport and enjoy the various benefits on offer.
For a list of affiliated business: klick here  
The Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority link for the airport, klick here  

Memorial Hans Gutmann Tourist Rally Flight 2019 now open for registering

After the 7th “Memorial Hans Gutmann Tourist Rally Flight” in July 2018 with 15 crews coming from Luxembourg, Germany, Poland, Israel, UK, Finland, Turkey, USA, Russia, Belgium, Estonia and Ukraine, the organizational team is planning the 8th edition of this international GA-event.

The organization is hoping that this year once again a lot of aircraft and crews will participate. They invite the Aeronautical Federations of General Aviation, IAOPA chapters, aeroclubs and flying friends to either participate (even partly) or help with national and local advises on the expected route for this big international organization. So if you have any tips or advices don’t hesitate to contact the organizers who are especially seeking your advice on airfields (with nice clubs and people), on custom regulations and passport control specifics, fuel (AVGAS), local get together parties (BBQ), tourism and sightseeing activities, tips on hotels etc. along the proposed route.

Proposed dates are from 13th till 24nd June 2019. 
The provisional route for Memorial Hans Gutmann Tourist Rally Flight 2019 will be:

• Starting point: your home base • Gathering point: Slovenia, Portoroz (LJPZ) or Istanbul (Cengiz Topel) • Serbia, Nis (LYNI) for refueling • Turkey, Corlu (LTBU) for customs, Cengiz Topel (LTBQ) and Cappadocia (LTAZ) • Israel, Haifa (LLHA), Masada (LLMZ) and Eilat (LLET) • Egypt, Hurghada (HEGN) and Sphinx (HESX) • Crete, Heraklion (LGIR) • Montenegro, Podgorica (LYPG) • Finishing point: Slovenia, Portoroz (LJPZ)

Total distance is ca. 3200 NM. The rally is classified as Category 2 by the FAI-GAC (General Aviation Commission) and is equal to European championship. There’s an option to join the rally directly in Corfu for those crews who do not want to start in Portoroz.
The organization can be reached by email: info@hansgutmannrally.eu

Organizers: Jean BIRGEN FAI-GAC Adviser President, Mikhail KORNEV Secretary General Treasurer, Artem KIRILLOV Flight Coordinator Project Manager and Pierre LORANG Transportation Accommodation

ICAO Conference Calls for Medical, Regulatory Reforms

A proposal by the International Council of Aircraft Owner and Pilot Associations (IAOPA) that the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) enact a safe and cost-effective medical certification standard for light-aircraft pilots drew support from delegations attending the ICAO's thirteenth Air Navigation Conference in Montreal, Canada.  

Member countries attending the ICAO event last year also supported IAOPA 's recommendation that the well-being of general aviation be acknowledged as crucial to developing the next generation of aviation professionals. They affirmed that it is "to the advantage of States to assure that any impediments to GA's continued strength and existence" be minimized. 
IAOPA's proposals highlighted the need for ICAO to develop a standard that recognizes and accommodates actions member states have taken to eliminate medical-certification bureaucracy and manage costs. Approximately 36 countries have reformed their medical standards for general aviation pilot

AOPA Russia paves the way. GA aircraft welcome to visit the country this summer

Evgeny Kabanov of AOPA-Russia reports improvements in foreign GA aircraft flight support and corresponding procedures. With gained experience AOPA-Russia is confident that foreign VFR and IFR aircraft can fly to Russia (and back!) or through Russia from west to east.

100LL and Jet A-1 fuels are available in a selected entry-airports, landing and fuelling is possible on domestic GA-friendly airfields.
Please remember each flight needs a prior entry and routing permit, make sure you apply at least two weeks in advance.
Simplified visa formalities and AOPA-Russia support turn Russian terra incognita into an attractive summer season destination to explore. Additional information and required links available klick here

Contact AOPA-Russia at mail@aopa.ru and please provide them with your desired itinerary and route along with registration, airworthiness (permit to fly) and insurance certificates in PDF format. They are most willing to help.

Fly with AOPA Luxemburg to Melilla (Spain/Morocco)

AOPA Luxembourg organizes a non-commercial fly-out to the most remote borders of the Schengen area, being Melilla in Spain from Wednesday May 1st till Sunday May 5th.

This unique destination fly-out to the most southern borders of Europe is supported by Aviasport and Aéro-Sport, Luxembourg's leading flying associations. The group is limited to 6 planes (some 16 people) on first come, first serve basis. For more details and registration klcik here .

If you have any news of interest for the AOPA pilots in Europe please don’t hesitate to inform me.
You can send your messages | (press)information | email to: newsletteriaopaeu@hotmail.com.

Yours truly, Gerrit Brand